Managing your vaccine programme…

With the exciting news that the COVID-19 vaccine is on its way, many GP and primary care services will be looking to provide additional training and support to their staffing teams. The sheer number of vaccines that will be given will likely result in practice managers requiring additional training in vaccine administration and also through the use of anaphylaxis medications.

Our team is ready to handle your calls and provide this training to the local and wider sectors, our trainers are able to deliver online courses providing and awareness of anaphylaxis and also provide practical face to face use of auto injectors.

Our e-learning programmes can be purchased on our website here where you can fine a range of courses that we offer. We have a small selection of these below and you can follow the links across to our partner e-learning site…. use code UK-SXPIJS to obtain your discounts.

Alternatively contact our friendly team and they will be more than happy to provide information and quote for our anaphylaxis packs which include training for GP and health and social care facilities.

Anaphylaxis for Healthcare Staff – E-Learning

Understand more about Anaphylaxis, how to recognise an Anaphylactic Attack and what you should do.