Are you a leader? Manager? What’s your style? Questions those with responsibility are often asked. Would you know?

Being a manager can be a tough journey, depending on the type of organisation you are working in you might also find this to be a lonely experience. From moving into your first junior manager role to becoming the leader of an organisation… ahead of you are challenges that will help to develop and change your styles based often on trial and error.

There are so many differing techniques, styles and theories out there to support you on your journey… but what about tangible learning and development within the management role? Do we often promote people who are good at their initial roles but don’t receive training to help them become a people manager! There are lots of options to choose from funded routes and off the shelf products.

Basegreen offer the leadership and management apprenticeship programmes which can be viewed here. Offering options for the new manager (Level 3) and the developing manager (Level 5) take a look at the overviews and get in touch for more information.

Looking for some additional quick training? Take a look at our e-learning programmes here.